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IF is available throughout New Zealand for eligible people who have either a Home and Community Support Services or Respite allocation. IF gives disabled people more choice in how they are supported.

Enhanced Individualised Funding (EIF) is part of the New Model for Supporting People demonstration that gives you more choice control and flexibility in the way you use your disability support budget. EIF enables people to pay for a wider range of disability supports – not just the traditional supports (Personal Care or Household Management, Respite Services currently available under IF). People using EIF are able to purchase supports aligned to the Purchasing Guidelines.

If you live in the Eastern and Western Bay of Plenty and are already receiving IF, you may wish to choose EIF as a way of managing your supports.

More information about Individualised Funding (IF) and Enhanced Individualised Funding (EIF) is available on the Ministry of Health website.

Find out more about Individualised Funding (external link)

Find out more about Enhanced Individualised Funding (external link)

Last updated on Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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