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Mobility taxis

Mobility taxis transport people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters

Tips for booking a mobility taxi

You usually must book mobility taxis in advance. We suggest you check these things with the taxi company:

  • If they are a part of the Total Mobility scheme (or other discount taxi scheme)if you have access to the scheme.
  • If they have a wheelchair hoist van or wheelchair ramp available, if needed.
  • If their mobility taxi will fit your model or size of wheelchair or mobility scooter.

Find out about discounted taxi fares for disabled people

Companion driving services

Companion driving services provide a car and driver who can help you when you’re out and about. The fee you pay depends on the amount of time the driver spends:

  • in the car (driving time)
  • being with you during the outing (companion time)
  • waiting for you, if needed (wait time). 

You can use a companion driving service for medical and other appointment, scenic drives, airport drop-offs and pick-ups, shopping and other types of outings.

Tips for booking a companion driving service

  • Get a quote for the journey and ask about payment options.
  • Ask if they are part of the Total Mobility scheme, or other contract such as ACC, if applicable
  • Check they can take your walker or wheelchair if you use one.
  • If the driving service doesn’t state it, check that your driver has a current passenger (P) endorsement on their driver licence.

Last updated on Monday, 18 March 2024

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