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Hospital health shuttles

Most health districts have health shuttles to transport patients to and from appointments at their facilities.

Contact your local district health service to find out:

  • where their shuttle services run from, and when
  • how to book a trip
  • whether you can take someone with you, if needed
  • if you need to pay a fare or a donation, or if it’s free.
  • Or search your local district health website for patient/visitor information about hospital transport services.

Find your local district health website (external link)

St John Health Shuttle

The St John Health Shuttle is a free door to door transport service you can use if you need help to get to medical appointments. This service is often used by older people or sick people who can’t drive or use other transport.

Find out if there is a St John Health Shuttle in your area. (external link)

Blind Low Vision NZ volunteer drivers

Blind Low Vision NZ has volunteer drivers who can help people get to an eye clinic or a Blind Low Vision appointment. You can use this service if you are blind or experiencing sight loss.

Find out if there are Blind Low Vision NZ volunteer drivers in your town or city. (external link)

Other community transport services

To find out about other community transport services in your area, contact your local disability information centre.

Search Firstport for Disability Information Centres 

Last updated on Monday, 18 March 2024

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