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Trying to decide where to go? Here are 9 top features to look for when searching for places good for wellbeing.

Nature and Greenery:

Fun Parks and Gardens: Being close to cool parks and gardens gives you a chance to relax and hang out in nature.

Pretty Views: Seeing beautiful natural scenes, like open spaces and nice landscapes, can make you feel good and less stressed.

Sunlight and Fresh Air:

Sunshine Time: Getting outside in the sun is good for your body clock and makes you feel happy.

Light in Your Home: Having lots of natural light in your home makes it a nicer place to be.

Clean Air and Quiet Spaces:

Breathing Easy: Living where the air is clean is good for your lungs and health.

Peace and Quiet: A calm and quiet place helps you relax and focus better.

Water Vibes:

Cool Water Places: Being near lakes, rivers, or oceans is fun and relaxing.

Blue Spaces: Hanging out by water, or "blue spaces," is good for your mind.

Lots of Different Plants and Animals:

Nature's Variety: Seeing lots of different plants and animals makes your surroundings interesting.

Saving Nature Spots: Find a place where you can add to the beauty of your surrounding, it could be weeding or trapping. Keeping natural spots safe helps plants and animals thrive.

Outdoor Fun:

Exploring Trails: Walking or biking on trails is a fun way to get exercise and enjoy nature.

Season Changes: Having different seasons makes things exciting and gives you new stuff to do.

Chill Out Zones:

Calm Gardens: Gardens with relaxing plants and places to sit are great for taking it easy. Many of these are listed on our Accessible Places directory

Nature Healing Spaces: Spending time in nature helps you feel better and relaxed.

Nature in Your Home:

Nature Inside: Putting plants or natural stuff in your home makes it feel cozy and nice.

Design for Nature: When buildings and rooms have natural things in them, it makes you feel good.

Finding places with these things around or adding these features to the space you live can add significantly to your wellbeing and whenua. It makes where you live a happy and healthy place, making it easier for you to enjoy life.

Last updated on Friday, 2 February 2024