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Talk to a NASC

Your local disability NASC (needs assessment and service coordination service) may be able to give you information about services in your community that could help you.

Find your local NASC (external link)

If you have Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People or ACC funding

Your NASC or ACC case manager may be able to refer you to a suitable support service. For example, a budget advisory service or a supported living provider.

How budgeting can help

Work and Income has a guide for anyone who needs a bit of help managing their money.

  • Get some ideas about how to set up your bank accounts and pay off debt.
  • Print out budget worksheets to help you build a budget plan.
  • Learn about MoneyMates, financial mentors, and where to find them.
  • See if there are any benefits or payments you might be able to get to help with extra costs.

Visit the Work and Income website to read the guide to managing your money. (external link)

Contact a budgeting service

You can ask for help from one of the many budgeting services throughout New Zealand. Their services are free and private.

You could:

  • meet with a budget advisor
  • join a MoneyMates group to share ideas and get support from other people
  • build a financial action plan with the help of a financial mentor.

Find a budgeting service on the FinCap website. (external link)

Use Sorted: Personal finance website

Sorted is a personal finance website funded by the New Zealand Government. It’s packed with information and tools to help you set goals, budget, tackle debt and prepare for the future. 

You can find easy-to-use calculators and other online tools on Sorted.

Visit the Sorted website (external link)

Last updated on Wednesday, 10 August 2022

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