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Support can come from all kinds of places, these community-run groups can offer hyper-specific support, no matter the kind you need.

Please note these website's can be community-led. Some community groups are organised through Facebook and a Facebook login is required. For any questions or queries please email

Don't spot one that works for you?

Read more about what support groups are and how to set up your own.

Groups to make friends and experience social outings

PHAB provides weekly social experiences for people 16 and over (external link)

Waikato Disability Community (external link)

Disability Connections New Zealand (external link)

I Lead (external link)

Enabling Good Lives MidCentral (external link)

Recreate NZ (external link)

Spectrum Care Youth (external link)

Waikato Disabled Friendship, Connect + Events (external link)

Deaf Events NZ (external link)

Community groups for people with learning disabilities

Intellectual Disability Support Work NZ (external link)

Learning Disabilities Resources NZ (dyslexia / dysgraphia / dyscalculia) (external link)

Spectrum Care Youth (external link)

Northland Down Syndrome Support Group (external link)

Community groups for neurodiverse people 

Autistic Spectrum New Zealand Open Group (external link)

Autism Support Network - New Zealand (external link)

Autism Support Network for New Zealand Families (external link)

Autism and ADHD Support New Zealand (external link)

Upper Hutt Autism Group (external link)

ADHD and Neuro-diversity Support Group Christchurch New Zealand (external link)

Community groups for people with hearing loss

Hear for Families APD New Zealand (external link)

DEAF POSITIVE NZ (external link)

Deaf Action (New Zealand) (external link)

Deaf Events NZ (external link)

DEAF MĀMĀ . NEW ZEALAND (external link)

Deaf Education NZ (external link)

Support groups for rare disorders

RDNZ | Find a support group ( (external link)

Disability Advisory Groups

Whangarei Disability Advisory group (external link)

Auckland Disability Advisory Panel (external link)

Tauranga Disability Advisory Group (external link)

Napier Disability Advisory Group (external link)

Palmerston North Disability Reference Group (external link)

Marlborough District Council advocacy group (external link)

Wellington City Council Accessible Advisory Group (external link)

Waimakariri Access Group (external link)

Christchurch Accessibility Advisory group (external link)

Community groups for equipment and resource tips

Disability Equipment & Resources NZ - Buy/Sell/Swap (external link)

Disability Funding Support NZ (external link)

Disability at Massey (support and resources) (external link)

Sharing Stories about Disability in New Zealand (external link)

iFUNZ - Individualised Funding Users NZ (external link)

Groups for parents by parents of disabled children

Parent to Parent  (external link)

Neurodiverse Parent and Child Support Group NZ (external link)

Awhi Ngā Mātua an online community for parents of disabled and medically fragile tamariki. (external link)

Intellectual Disability/Impairment in NZ (Parents and Caregivers) (external link)

New Zealand Group for Parents of Children with Down Syndrome (external link)

NZ Parents of Kids with Hearing Loss (external link)

Last updated on Tuesday, 4 June 2024

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