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Learning support is the extra help some children and young people need to take part and achieve in their education.

Your child may need learning support because they have a sensory, physical or learning disability, a health condition or behaviour difficulties.

Information about learning support needs on the Ministry of Education website (external link)

Government help available

The New Zealand Government website outlines what education funding, support and services are available for children with:

  • a physical disability or illness
  • behaviour and learning problems
  • disabilities and learning support needs to go to mainstream schools.

You’ll find links to the Ministry of Education website for details of each service.

Government help available for children with disabilities and learning support needs (external link)

ACC also funds education support for children who find it hard to learn or do activities because of an injury.

Learn more about education support for a child after an injury on ACC’s website (external link)

Applying for learning support services

If your child needs a specialist assessment or extra support you can:

  • ask your early childhood service, school or kura to help you apply
  • call the learning support information line on 0800 622 222
  • contact your local education office
  • contact your ACC support coordinator.

Find Ministry of Education offices and contact details in your area (external link)

Last updated on Thursday, 25 January 2024

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