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The Ministry of Education has some advice to help families and whānau:

  • choose an early childhood service, school, or kura for a child with learning support needs
  • help their child or young person get ready to move (transition) to the next stage in their education.

Things to consider

It's recommended that you start planning about 12-18 months ahead.

Talk to your child’s support specialists, disability groups, and other parents about options available in your area.

Contact the ECE service, school, or kura to discuss your child’s needs, and how the service can best meet them.

  • What happens to the services and support your child currently receives?
  • What experience do the staff have in supporting children with learning support needs?
  • Is the physical environment suitable and easily adaptable for your child's needs?
  • How will child be welcomed by the other children and learn alongside them?
  • How will you be kept informed about what's happening for your child?
  • Is there access to toilet and shower facilities?
  • Is there suitable parking and access to the building?
  • Are there any noise distractions, such as a nearby airport or main road?

You can find a lot more information on the Ministry of Education learning support website.

Choosing an early childhood education service (external link)

Choosing and enrolling at primary or intermediate school or kura (external link)

Choosing and enrolling your teenager at secondary school (external link)

Last updated on Tuesday, 16 August 2022

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