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Published 19 June 2024

Entering the world of YES Disability Resource Centre, you’ll be struck by the positive vibe and welcoming atmosphere that fills their space. 

The team at YES Disability work to ensure that rangatahi (young people) with disabilities are not just seen, but heard. On the North Shore of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, this not-for-profit are one of the few Disability Information and Advice service (DIAS) centres dedicated solely to our disabled young people. 

The centre offers information, workshops and other programmes, advice and services. You can pop into their shared space and meet the team, or check out their upcoming events online at 


One of their biggest programmes is I.Lead, a nationwide disabled youth movement led by disabled individuals. Members and participants in I.Lead thrive with opportunities to engage shape their own future.

Some current committee members shared why they joined this Yes Disability group: 

“I want to make a difference and be an advocate for disabled young people,” says committee member Jordan. “There’s a whole variety of change, and we need the right people to help train and care for our disabled youth.”

Committee member Niah spoke about life outside of home, without parents, teachers, teacher aids. “When you’re done from school that world stops. We try and find your voice in the things that you are most passionate about.”

“So, if you were missing something in high school, then we’ll find a way for you to chat to the policy makers to make a change to the education system.” 

I.Lead recently hosted their 2024 conference, hosted in Parliament. From what we saw, it was filled with great conversations, great people and great jump jam skills. (Check out the video out on their Facebook). (external link)

We are really excited to see the mahi that comes from this group!

Co-designed and co-delivered

Every project and programme at YES is co-designed and co-delivered with youth leaders from within our disability sector. 

This means that the initiatives are not only relevant, but also resonate deeply with the needs of the community they serve. Check out their IDrive Licensing programme, supporting disabled youth to gain their license - one of the bigger starter milestones for any individual. 

Check out their IDrive Licensing programme, supporting disabled youth to gain their license - one of the bigger starter milestones for any individual. (I.Drive Licensing Program - I.Lead ( (external link)

The team at Yes Disability are focused on going beyond providing support, they are building a community. They aim to make a space where disabled youth can thrive and ensure that every young person has the chance to lead a fulfilling independent life.

Every DIAS is different, which makes sense when our communities and the available services are different. Disability supports can come from a national pool, but there is a huge amount too that comes from local councils, community groups and even individuals with a passion for people. It’s worth taking the time to connect with your local DIAS to find out more.

They’re supported by Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People and the community to deliver experienced advice in-person. Each fortnight, the Firstport team are shining the spotlight on a new spot so you can see what’s available in each region. So keep an eye out!