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Published 31 May 2024

The Government has announced they will add an additional $322 million to the new financial year budget starting 1 July 2024.

Our Disability Issues Minister, Louise Upston, shared that this will be in addition to the $2.2 billion allocated each year to support our disability community. 

They have shared their intent for the total increase over next five years to be $1.1 billion. This includes the extra $80 million the Minister added towards the end of the current financial year. 

Where will the money go?

The new funding will help the Ministry budget cover increased costs through inflation on goods and services it pays for. They've committed to increasing the budget each year due to the increasing demand for disability services. 

The new money will also help the Government cover the cost of an independent review of the disability support system. You can read more about this at the link below. 

 Read more about the Independent review of the disability support system.

How will this budget support disabled people?

Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People have shared that this budget will help our community in:

  • Home and Community Support Services - Help with household tasks and personal care for those living at home.
  • Respite Care - Offers breaks for disabled people or their family carers.
  • Community Residential Care - Provides safe and supportive living environments.
  • Environmental Support Services - Assists with everyday needs like communication technology, wheelchairs, home and vehicle modifications, and hearing and vision services.
  • High and Complex Framework Strategy - Supports individuals with intellectual disabilities who have offended and are in secure or supervised care.
  • Disability Information Advisory Services - Connects people to the right support.

Read more on the Whaikaha website (external link)

Where did the money come from? 

Each year the Government make a big announcement about how they'll be spending the money people give them through taxes and other income streams. This happens each May as the budget changes according to what the Government of the time make their priority. 

Sometimes the money comes from taking budget from one place and putting it into something else. It could come from an increase in tax income, or it could come from the Government borrowing money. 

You can read the full budget announcement from our Finance Minister, Nicola Willis, on the Beehive website link below.

Link to Budget 2024 delivers for New Zealand | (external link)

Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People - Whaikaha Budget 2024