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Published 31 May 2024

The Government has announced they are going to kick off an independent review of the Aotearoa New Zealand disability support system.

Our Disability Issues Minister, Louise Upston, said they are doing this review to help them get a better understanding of how everything works together currently in the system. 

The Minister shared that it has only been two years since the Ministry of Disabled People - Whaikaha was set up and it was a big change.  Since then, the Government has been worried about whether the Ministry has the right support it needs to do its best for our disability community. 

The review will start in a few weeks time and run for four months as it independently investigates. They promise to consult our community on the findings from the review. 

Minister Upston said, "The ministry now funds services for about 50,000 disabled people and equipment modifications for around 100,000 people, with an annual budget of $2.3 billion."

They hope that they review will give our community certainty and help the Government understand the risks we face. 

The Review will include:

  • Different funding streams and their flexibility.
  • Eligibility and allocation of funding for Disability Support Services.
  • The capabilities and processes needed within the Ministry of Disabled People – Whaikaha.
  • How Disability Support Services interact with other systems, like health, welfare, and education.
  • The legal framework for Disability Support Services.
  • Relationships with stakeholders.

You can read more detail on this through the Beehive announcement. 

Link to the Independent Review announcement from Minister Upston (external link)