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Published 09 May 2024

Spotlight on your local Info Centre - Wellington

Disability Information and advice service (DIAS) centres are located across the country. They’re supported by Whaikaha Ministry of Disabled People and the community to deliver experienced advice in-person. Each fortnight, the Firstport team are shining the spotlight on a new spot so you can see what’s available in each region. 

WellAble – Keeping you informed, connected and active

True to their vision, the Paraparaumu-based WellAble team supply a huge range of equipment and information in an easy to access way. 

The Firstport team popped in to visit Naomi and her friendly team and enjoyed the clear labelling and zoning available in each space. Not only were we able to quickly find equipment, we also felt a sense of exploration as we ventured into well-lit demonstration rooms displaying quality equipment. 

The WellAble team say “This is where the action happens... the roads are built, the services connected, and communities grow.”

From their sun-filled spot near the roundabout on 110 Rimu Road (if you miss the sign you can always go around the roundabout again!), they provide localised information. Their years of experience in working closely with our community means they’re a great place to turn to help you navigate the ins and outs of your local systems. 

As well as an information station, equipment and a helpful team; they also run workshops and run assistive product presentations. These presentations can even roam the Wellington region through their mobile service. This means even if you’re not able to pop into Paraparaumu, they might be able to bring the WellAble experience to you. 

 The WellABle office is brightly lit, with their logo prominently displayed in the center of the wall behind the computers. Maria, their information advisor, is doing an excellent job at the front desk.

Unique to WellAble is the Total Mobility Scheme Assessment which they administer for the Kāpiti Coast. If you’re new to this scheme, it is available nationally to subsidise transport for disabled people. The talented team at WellAble are set up to support this service.  

So if you’re Wellington-based or stopping by, don’t miss out on popping in to visit the WellAble team. We promise you’ll learn a lot (and their toilet is wheelchair accessible too!).

Every DIAS is different, which makes sense when our communities and the available services are different. Disability supports can come from a national pool, but there is a huge amount too that comes from local councils, community groups and even individuals with a passion for people. It’s worth taking the time to connect with your local DIAS to find out more.