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Published 25 March 2024

Wellington: Accessibility unlocked!

You’d think it’s all hills and stairs but Wellington New Zealand can be a super accessible city. Check out a few recommendations for an #accessibledayout in the Capital.

♿Pop to the new Convention Centre Tākina - As you step into the Convention Centre, you'll immediately notice its commitment to inclusivity and convenience. With accessible toilets readily available and wide walkways providing ample space for movement, every visitor can navigate the venue comfortably.

A member from our community let us know some other accessibility needs a bit of mahi, so here are a few tips and tricks to navigate the building. 

If you have a vision impairment there is currently no tactile marking on the floor to guide poeple. But a heads up, the desk is roughly 10 metres ahead on your left.  The doors to the accessible wharepaku (toilet) are a bit heavy and tricky to open, but Tākina are getting them sorted out with new ones pretty soon. Also, events aren't required to advertise discounts for disabilities onsite. So, if you're visiting and need a carer, there is a concession charge.

At the entrance of Tākina Convention Centre, concrete stairs lead up to a set of glass doors in a half circle frame adorned with captivating Marvel-themed attractions. A toilet with wheelchair access has grey tiles and a black door. Whaikaha accessible appears on the door. Concrete ramp leading to glass doors with Marvel themes attractions on the window.


🖐Cross the road and visit our national museum Te Papa for an accessible experience including NZ Sign Language Guides. You'll be embraced by a world of interactive exhibits, vibrant storytelling, and innovative design tailored to engage everyone, regardless of their abilities. Whether you're passionate about art, history, or the natural world. Te Papa offers a myriad of experiences designed to enlighten and inspire.

On the right, the Te Papa help desk offers two levels for standing and wheelchair users. In the middle, a large circular window frames people standing around. At 36,000 square metres and six stories high, it contains a vast repository of collections. It's home to more than 800,000 artworks, objects, and specimens. It curates cutting-edge interactive exhibitions with a contemporary, and bicultural approach. Te Papa nature exhibit features a tall interactive projection birds attached to the ceiling and a man made large bird nest to the right.


🌞Sun yourself at the beach at Oriental Parade, depending on the sand level, there's even wheelchair access down to the famous yellow sand. Everyone can partake. So, grab your towel, sunscreen, and beach gear, and head to Oriental Parade for a day of leisure and tranquility by the shimmering waters.

At Oriental Bay Beach, a fountain on the left side gracefully sprays water, adding to the picturesque scene. Oriental Bay concrete ramp that leads to the sandy waterfront.


What do you think team? Any other accessible suggestions for our whanau? Let us know by submitting your favourite Accessible Place in Welly's.