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Published 01 November 2023

“Small or big, I want to make decisions about my life, so do other disabled people. My life, my choice!” Says Vincenzo (Vinny).

Watch Vinny share significant supported decisions that have shaped his life 

Viewers got a glimpse into the lives of people who use supported decision-making that help them live their best life. This included a presentation by Vinny and a video submitted by Noah, Lily and Isaac. All of whom belong to our Down Syndrome Community.

“When people with Down Syndrome do things, it’s called supported decision-making. When my sister does the same thing, it’s called chatting with her friends,” Vinny says.

“I like to talk to people about my choices. Sometimes I need more communication, or I might need someone to answer questions or explain things in more detail.”

Vinny reminded people, like everyone else he’d been making decisions since he was little, and it’s always been about having choice and control over his own life. From small decisions like red shoes and sophisticated bomber jackets to larger ones like getting his own car and proposing to his wife; Vinny has made them all.

“I decided I wanted to be a leader and speak up for people with Down Syndrome, so I became a student councillor. I am now a proud member of the NZDSA membership university group.”

“I make truffles and sell them on Trade me, and I am in the final stages of completing my barista course.”

Don’t be surprised if you see Vinny running his own business, as he shared his dream to one day manage his own café.

“It’s my right to make decisions for my life,” he says.

Feeling empowered and inspired? Check out our friends Lily, Noah and Isaac talk about how supported decision-making has shaped where they live and work.

Hang out with Lily and Noah as they share their supported decisions with us.Are you keen to learn more about supported decision-making? Find more info by visiting our support page