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Published 13 July 2020

One Feilding gym is demonstrating how an inclusive attitude goes a long way to creating a great accessible space.

Evolve Fitness, owned by Ross and Christine Darragh, prides itself on catering to people of all abilities.

Shaz Dagg, an above-elbow amputee, says ever since she first walked through the door she's always felt welcome.

"I'm part of this whole facility. I'm not treated any different," she says.

Ross says having a culture of putting people first has always been important.

"It's about talking to people and making them feel like this is a place they want to be, and this is their community as much as it is ours," he says.

Shaz says the gym is spacious and accessible to anyone using a mobility device such as a wheelchair.

She says the staff have accommodated her by adapting the equipment so it can be used with one arm.

The facility also has mobility parking and accessible bathrooms.

Shaz says even though she's happy to take care of herself, other gym-goers don't hesitate to offer to help her if she's doing something like loading weights up onto a machine.

"They don't wait to see if I'm gonna do it, or if I can do it. They will come and offer first.

"It's honestly just a caring environment," she says.

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