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Published 30 May 2024

Flourishing Together is a project that aims to make housing in Aotearoa New Zealand better for disabled people.

Their goal is to create policies that truly meet the needs and dreams of disabled individuals for their homes, both Māori and non-Māori,

They work closely with our tāngata whaikaha (disabled māori) and other disabled people to understand how they can get and keep housing that fits their unique needs. The Flourishing Together project is also coming up with new ways to make sure disabled voices are heard when health policies are being made.

If you live with a disability or are family/whānau of someone who experiences disability and at least 16 years old. ​They would love to hear your thoughts through their easy access online survey tool. The questions and the survey tool have been co-designed with disabled people. It's an awesome EGL (enabling good lives) approach that makes the survey welcoming and easy to use. 

They want to hear your stories, for the Flourishing together team, it's not just a tick box exercise! 

Make sure to check it out on their website here. (external link)

Who is involved and how will it be done?

Flourishing together is a 3-year research project that involves University of Otago Wellinton in collaboration with the University of Victoria Wellington, Auckland University of Technology and Massey University Wellington. They will approach the research in four phases to reach their objectives. 

  • Phase 1: Will focus on building workshops based on theory-builds
  • Phase 2: They will be gathering disabled people's thoughts and suggestions in an online interactive tool. (Currently underway)
  • Phase 3: Generate knowledge to inform the development of equitable NZ housing policies.
  • Phase 4: Information and findings will be shared out to planners and other policy areas. 

Keen to have your say in more areas of your life? There are a number of other calls for feedback from our community on the go right now. 

Check out our news section to find out more. 

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