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Published 28 June 2023

When you get clear feedback from your disabled community that they want you to better represent Aotearoa, you listen.

When you use to open the Firstport website, you were greeted with friendly stock images that unfortunately didn't feel ‘New Zealand’. As of this week, when you type (external link) , you will be welcomed with kind faces from across Aotearoa.

The journey began after Firstport went live with its new website in October 2022. We heard “I wish I had this earlier, this is amazing! Where has this been?” and we also heard “It’ll be better if kiwis were on there.”

The disability website aims to be inclusive of all disabilities and cultures. It was awesome feedback. So, we set about making it happen. The team connected with consultancy and specialist creative agency All is for All. This is an agency led by people with lived disability experience. They use their perspective to empower brands and businesses to embrace disability as a cultural lens.

Your creative team included Jake the mind behind the camera, Grace, Tori, and Lou from All is For All, the Firstport team, and of course our stars in front of the camera.

Molly, Will, Katy and Rodney, all brought incredible energy and creativity to our shoot and came from all over Aotearoa.

  • Teenager Molly is of Māori and Pākeha decent and is part of our Down Syndrome community.

  • Hailing from Tonga, Will lives with Cerebral Palsy.

  • Rodney uses a wheelchair and represents tangata whaikaha.

  • Representing our hidden disabilities is Katy, of Māori and Croatian descent.

We could not have achieved this without the input of our communities. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas and feedback (keep it coming!) and much love to the All is For All team for doing some great mahi and supporting our mission to enable good lives.

Molly is in her early twenties. She is wearing pink jeans, a black long sleeve shirt and has shoulder length brown hair. Molly is part of the Down Syndrome community.


Rodney is wearing a maroon unbuttoned shirt with a grey undershirt. He is wearing black pants and grey shoes. Rodney uses a wheelchair and has his long shoulder length brown hair tied in a bun.


Will is in his early twenties. He is wearing a light orange t-shirt underneath a buttoned darker orange shirt, grey pants and lives with Cerebral Palsy He has a black beard and short black hair.


early 40's with long hair that reaches her core. She is wearing a green shirt with a sunflower bracelet.