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Published 21 July 2023

Quiet room has a black wall with green turf as the carpet. Two fibre optics are stick out of the wall with a circle light feature in between. Five liquid tiles in purple, blue, green, red and blue and red are lined on the turfed floor.

If you love soccer/football or just want a fun day out, we’re pleased to share that the FIFA Women’s World Cup team have taken steps to create an inclusive accessible environment. What does this mean for our community?

Sensory sensitive whānau 

Live matches can overload the senses, if you or your family are sensory sensitive, you can visit new quiet rooms at Eden Park in Tāmaki Makaurau-Auckland, Stadium Australia in Sydney-Wangal and Brisbane Stadium in Brisbane-Meaanjin. 

Quiet rooms offer a comfortable and calming environment for those who experience and have trouble processing an overload of senses.

On match day, the room is managed by fully trained staff, including our friends at Spectroom Playzone NZ  (external link) who will be available to help with any additional support. The rooms do have a limited capacity but there is no booking required to gain access.

All stadiums will also offer a limited number of sensory bags to borrow for sensory sensitive whānau. These bags are equipped with noise-cancelling headphones, fidget tools, and verbal cue cards that will be available for fans to borrow and use during the match.

Don’t forget to wear your Sunflower lanyard! FIFA supports the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Initiative. Wear your lanyard, this will help staff and volunteers know how to best support your experience.

Audio Descriptive Commentary (ADC)

In a first for football in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, FIFA are supplying an Audio-Descriptive Commentary ADC service for blind and low-vision fans for some games during the FIFA Women’s World Cup. The Service is free and delivered in English. You can check out which match offers ADC on (external link)

To Tune into the live ADC listeners must download the FIFA Interpreting app available in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Highlight videos for our deaf/ hard of hearing whānau

FIFA have included highlight videos for deaf and hard-of-hearing fans, including captions and international Sign Language for all cup matches.

If you’d like more information about accessibility features, visit (external link)

Enjoy the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 whānau!