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Published 31 October 2022

Libby has shoulder length brown hair and centred in the photograph. She is wearing a rose-patterned black dress and glasses.

Libby shares her story with Drink My Coffee.

Being a boss, setting your hours and following a consistent routine are some of the highlights Libby Leikis enjoys with Drink My Coffee.

Drink my Coffee is a social enterprise that enables people with disability to run a business. Based in Auckland, the social enterprise acts as a franchise – without the royalty fees – allowing people to claim a commission for distributing coffee.

Libby, who has tuberous sclerosis, and mild cerebral palsy, was introduced to the social enterprise in 2020.

“I wanted a job but had no idea how I was going to get any experience. Drink My Coffee seemed like a great starting point,” says Libby.

Every Wednesday, Drink My Coffee headquarters roasts, bags, and couriers their 50/50 blend of premium Arabica beans to customers.

One thing that is unique about Libby’s service is her free shipping. Customers don’t pay for shipping because Libby drives and delivers her orders personally through Wellington.

“Driving is quite huge, it gives me a sense of freedom and I can do a lot of it, Libby says.”

Cash handling, processing orders and social media marketing are skills Libby has gained as a coffee distributor. These skills supported her to obtain a second part-time job as a health care assistant at Wellington Hospital.

The unemployment rate for disabled people aged 15 to 64 years sits at 7.9% compared with 3.3% for non-disabled people of the same age group. Founder Adrian Coysh began the social enterprise to create employment opportunities for the disabled community.

“So many people with disabilities can’t say what they do because they are unemployed, not through a lack of wanting or trying but it sort of defines who you are”, says Adrian.

Drink My Coffee supplies a business opportunity, so distributors are not reliant on an employer but are still supported.

Drink My Coffee has 23 distributors across Aotearoa, including Libby.

“I love a routine. I can make decisions about how much walking around I need to do before sitting down, says Libby.”

Follow the link to order coffee from Libby’s store (external link) .

Discover how to become a distributor by visiting the Drink My Coffee Website. (external link)