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You can apply online for most Work and Income payments or services. But, if you prefer to apply in person, you can go to your local Work and Income service centre. If you’re visiting for the first time here are some tips.

Making an appointment

Before you visit, phone Work and Income on 0800 559 009 and ask for an appointment with a case manager. The call centre will:

  • tell you what documents you need to take
  • send you a letter to confirm your appointment.

If you find it hard to communicate by phone

You can contact Work and Income by text (029 286 7170), Deaf Link free-fax (0800 621 621) or email

If you speak another language

You can ask for an interpreter on the phone, and to be at the meeting.

Taking a support person with you

You can verbally agree for someone else to act for you at the meeting. For example, a friend or family member. Make sure you are comfortable with them speaking for you. If you want someone to act for you in the longer term, you might need to make them your ‘agent’.

Arriving at the Work and Income service centre

All Work and Income service centres are wheelchair accessible.

A security guard will greet you at the door. The guard might ask to see your appointment letter and your exemption card if you can’t wear a mask. You don’t have to show a vaccine pass, but you must follow COVID-19 guidelines while you’re there.

Go to the reception desk, give them your name and show your appointment letter. Then sit in the waiting area until the case manager calls your name and takes you to their desk.

Meeting the case manager

The case manager will talk to you about your situation and look at your documents. An interpreter will be present if you have asked Work and Income to arrange it. By the end of meeting you’ll know if you can get any payments or other help. If you can get help, you’ll find out how much you will get and when the payments will start.

If the case manager has all the information needed, they’ll make the application while you’re there. Or you might need to go away and get more information. You can drop this information into the centre without an appointment.

Want to know more about visiting Work and Income? 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Work and Income.


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Last updated on Friday, 22 March 2024

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