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Start: 9:00 am, Thursday 30 November 2023

End: 11:30 am, Thursday 30 November 2023

Location: Auckland, Auckland



This 3-session workshop is designed to be delivered in the following format:

· Online via Zoom – 2.5hrs - Session 1

· Face-Face - 3.5hrs - Session 2

· Online via Zoom - 1.5hrs - Session 3

About This Training

Many first responders find themselves in challenging situations when working hard to support an individual or whanau. The combination of stress, trying to make sense of a situation and the grief involved when a loved one is hurt. Add in misunderstandings, language differences or emotions like anger and fear – and we have a volatile situation on hand.

This workshop is aimed at giving those involved in responding to traumatic circumstances the advanced skills and understanding required in working successfully with people in volatile situations. The presenters have faced these circumstances themselves many times and supported first responders nationally and internationally to approach traumatic events wisely and graciously. By using the correct strategies and approaches, it is possible to improve the outcomes and protect everyone’s mana.

Whether you are working within a formal emergency services role or just want to achieve better outcomes in situations where emotions may be elevated – this workshop will help you build both your skills and confidence – and result in a better outcome for your service users.

Through practical interactive activities, applied skills training, discussion, and presentations the sessions will cover:

  • Session One: First Responder Wellbeing – Keeping Ourselves Safe. Understanding the essence of First Responder challenges and an overview of the skills and strategies needed to keep the public - and responder - safe in critical and volatile situations.
  • Session Two: The Situations. The mindset and the skills required. What to say and when.
  • Session Three: Review and Analysis of ‘real-life’ situations (held 5 weeks after 2nd session). Analysis of participants' application of the tools and skills presented in session two.


Who Should Attend?

This workshop is for all roles that require individuals or teams to volatile situations or work with the public within potentially traumatic circumstances. This may involve those with roles in emergency services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Civil Defence) including those in Coms Response roles, as well as, Corrections, Probation staff, Councils and Community Patrol units – in fact anyone in public-facing services.

Our Presenters

Both Emma and Edmond have worked extensively with emergency services personnel as specialist clinical supports. They are sought after speakers internationally. This practical exposure along with a comprehensive understanding of the impact that stressful and volatile exposure have on the responder and the public including onlookers allows them to provide practical guidance on what works, work with participants in brainstorming solutions and keep everyone safe. They are some of the most compassionate people we know!!!

Visit the website for more information including more detail on what is covered in each session -


The Parnell Hotel & Conference Centre




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