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Start: 9:30 am, Wednesday 20 September 2023

End: 12:30 pm, Wednesday 20 September 2023

Location: 74 Epsom Avenue, Auditorium/6EB-113, Auckland

Website: View the event

Grow our Collective Capability in Auckland – an EGL Whole System Approach

We are gathering together for a networking focused event for Disability Support Providers. From our last ARN meeting, the Realities of EGL: Our Learning, Our Aspirations, Our Call to Action, we were collectively energised to form an Auckland Leadership Team. A core group of 6 Providers, and a larger group of about 15 Providers, have been coming together at this seed stage to develop the Auckland Providers EGL Capability Team (APEC Team). A starting point purpose of this new team is to generate a collective of Disability Support Providers thinking together about range and shape of well-connected and collaborative services to better meet the needs of disabled people. You are welcome to bring a client representative if you/they find value (they will need to complete their own registration)


So far, our top aims include:


  • Knowledge of the whole system approach, from beginning to end for the journey of support/care. 
  • Learning from each other embedding the EGL principles
  • Collective Strength – capability and evolution and Whaikaha


  • Know what our strengths are – connected collective


  • Preparing for personal budgets - Financial sustainability – individually and collectively
  • Be Practical


To help us Grow our Collective Capability in Auckland – We want to resource our collective to help build awareness and navigation to better serve the disabled community. We are doing this by getting to know other Disability Support Providers and their point of difference, and building our collective capability.

Please register by Friday 23rd June

A panel discussion with Karen Scott (CEO Enrich Group), Samantha Lee (CE Supported Life Style Hauraki Trust), and Victoria Ross (SPAN Charitable Trust), who will share what worked, what didn’t work, and if they could do it again, what would they do differently. Our Aspirations: we will workshop our top key points and aspirations to share collectively with the panel. Our Call to Action: panellists come back to collectively strategise on what we are able to do with present contracts, what requires further conversations and understanding to enact with Whaikaha, and what other strategic opportunities we see together.


9.30am to 12.30pm (morning networking from 9.00 with coffee/tea)

Parking: To book accessible parking, email Kristi:


Epsom Campus, Auckland University,
74 Epsom Avenue, Epsom Auditorium room, Building B Block, Entrance gate 2. 
For people that require mobility parking please use entrance gate 3




Any Queries please contact Kristi: