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Start: 9:00 am, Saturday 25 November 2023

End: 11:00 am, Saturday 25 November 2023

Location: Napier, Hawkes Bay

Website: Visit the Free therapy event details

Trauma Aid Aotearoa, a registered charity specializing in trauma recovery, has stepped up to offer much-needed psychological support to those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle. In the aftermath of this devastating natural disaster, Trauma Aid Aotearoa has organized another group Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) session, aimed at providing solace and healing to individuals grappling with the emotional scars left behind by the storm.

The group EMDR session is a testament to Trauma Aid Aotearoa's commitment to aiding communities in their journey towards recovery. EMDR therapy is a widely recognized and evidence-based approach for addressing trauma and its psychological aftermath. By offering this as a group session, the organization has created a safe space for survivors to share their experiences, find solidarity, and embark on a collective path to healing.

The session will be facilitated by highly trained EMDR therapists, each with extensive experience in trauma recovery. Participants will gather in a supportive and confidential environment, where they will be guided through the EMDR process. EMDR involves a series of structured phases that help individuals reprocess traumatic memories, reducing their emotional charge and allowing for healthier coping mechanisms to emerge.

The group setting allows survivors to witness the healing journeys of others, fostering a sense of camaraderie and resilience. It also provides an effective and efficient way to reach a larger number of people affected by the cyclone, ensuring that more individuals can benefit from this vital therapeutic intervention.

In addition to the EMDR therapy itself, we are partnering with the Napier Family Centre to offer resources and information on additional support services available to those impacted by the cyclone. This holistic approach ensures that participants have access to the comprehensive assistance they need to rebuild their lives and regain their emotional well-being.

The group EMDR session offered by Trauma Aid Aotearoa is an example of how communities can come together to support one another in the face of adversity. It is a ray of hope for those affected by Cyclone Gabrielle, offering them a path towards healing and recovery in the aftermath of this traumatic event.


Napier Family Centre, 112 Morris Spence Avenue, Onekawa, Napier 4110, New Zealand