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Video title: Funding for people who are Deaf or have hearing loss

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Government funding is available for people who are deaf or have a hearing loss to help you communicate and live safely.

You may be eligible for funding for things like hearing aids, alerting equipment, assistive listening devices or cochlear implants

Either ACC or Ministry of health may be able to fund equipment to help you.

You'll need to have an assessment to find out if you're eligible.

For Ministry of Health funding assessments, contact Enable New Zealand who can put you in touch with an assessor in your area.

You can find more information about the range of services available on this page such as hearing therapy and assistive equipment for children in schools.

We also recommend other organisations to try if you're not eligible for government or ACC funding.

Links to all the websites I’ve mentioned can be found on this web page, So take a look around for more information.

If you need any more help, click on the contact us button at the top of the page.

Last updated on Tuesday, 14 December 2021

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