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With Links to over 40 agencies and organisations throughout New Zealand, Yes can provide answers to your questions, and connect you to other services.

The staff at Yes work hard to ensure that people with disabilities are represented at work, at leisure and across society. Where a gap in services exists, we strive to fill it: when our Ambassador Cam Calkoen identified a need for mentoring for young, motivated people, we helped him create Carabineer. When we realised that young people with a disability need to design and deliver their own services, we created The Cube. Mums @Yes came into being when we saw that mothers of children with a disability needed support and information as they tackled their unique challenges.

Yes also runs a purpose-built community hub in Albany, which is home to 12 other disability related services.

Contact details

Telephone: (09) 414 5360


Website: Visit Yes Disability's website


3 William Laurie Place, Albany, Auckland 0632