Getting payments if you are an injured military veteran

Last updated on 14 December 2021

Financial support provided by Veterans’ Affairs

If you’re ill or injured and have served with the New Zealand Defence Force, you may be able to get financial support from Veterans’ Affairs.

It depends on when and where you served (qualifying service).

Your family or whānau may be able to get financial support, too.

Visit Veterans’ Affairs website for details.

Financial support offered by Veterans' Affairs (external website)

All support, services and entitlements offered by Veteran’s Affairs (external website)

Tip: You’ll find a definition of ‘qualifying service’ in the Eligibility section of the website.

Guide to veterans' entitlements

The Work and Income website also has a guide to these entitlements for members of the NZDF (and their family or whanau):

  • Disablement Pension
  • Survivor’s Grant
  • Veteran's Pension.

Veteran's entitlements - Work and Income (external website)