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Firstport is on the hunt for reviews of the best accessible day trips and we need your help! We'd love for you to share your knowledge of fantastic accessible hot spots in NZ with others.

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Submit your entry and help us build a library of reviews that other family and friend groups can check out next time they're planning a special day out. Please allow our staff time to process your content. To modify an existing review, you can contact us.

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Terms and conditions

  • You must have visited the place you are reviewing within the last 12 months and the place must be in New Zealand.
  • We are looking for genuine reviews created for the good of the audience of Firstport website. We are looking for positive experiences – if you have had a negative experience please either contact the venue/attraction directly, or contact us via Facebook Messenger or email and we can signpost you to suitable support.
  • Any submissions (information and/or images) found to be in breach of copyright will be immediately disqualified.
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Last updated on Wednesday, 20 September 2023