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Head to the HIghlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell and race in a V8!

The V8 Mustang is fitted with hand controls so drivers with limited mobility in their legs can also feel the thrill of speed on the Highlands Track! You can experience the pure power and roar of a real V8 Muscle Car – a 5.0L V8, custom-built production-based race car. With mountains, a forest, and a lake in the backdrop, this is one of the most scenic race tracks in the world. 

With the experience you'll drive:

  • With a Pro instructor in the car
  • A 1.5km C track
  • Drive 7 laps

 Driver’s with limited mobility in their legs are welcome to use their own footwear.

Safety considerations
 Fitting safely into our vehicles is a necessity so they recommend only people above 165cm and below 188cm participate in their U-Drives. You should also be below 110kg. However since everyone carries their height and weight differently, even if you're outside these guidelines, feel free to chat to the team.

 Alcohol cannot be consumed in the period prior to your driving experience and this experience is not suitable for pregnant women or those people suffering from a heart condition.

You must hold a current full or restricted driver's licence and be competent in using a manual transmission. 

A motorsport track amongst trees and fields

What does the venue say?

Visit Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell and quench your need for a thrill at Highlands with the V8 Muscle Car U-Drive experience.


  • Paid attraction
  • Recreation and leisure

Accessible features

  • Wheelchair access
  • Accessible rides and attractions

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