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Where can I find Changing Places bathrooms

There are currently six Changing Places bathrooms in New Zealand, with more on the way.

Changing Places bathrooms currently open:

Changing Places bathrooms in development (with more to be announced soon!):

What are Changing Places bathrooms?

Changing Places bathrooms, provide an option for people who cannot use a standard accessible bathroom. Features include:

  • adequate space to move around, for a person in a wheelchair and two caregivers
  • a secure access system for registered users only, to ensure the room is only being used for its intended purpose
  • a height-adjustable, adult-sized changing table, hand basin and toilet with privacy screen or curtain
  • a ceiling track or mobile hoist
  • wall-mounted handrails
  • space on both sides of the toilet, so two caregivers can assist the toilet user
  • a shower on a flexible hose over the changing bench/shower plinth
  • a non-slip floor and well-designed wet area
  • a large waste disposal bin and sharps disposal container.

How can I access a Changing Places bathroom?

Access to Changing Places facilities is restricted to only those that need them.

  • To help protect the room and specialised equipment from malicious damage
  • To ensure the safety and wellbeing of people who don’t know how to use the specialised equipment
  • To maximise the cleanliness and availability of the room for those who need it, when they need it

Register to become a Changing Places New Zealand member (external link)

What does the venue say?

Go to a bathroom where complex or multiple disabilities can get changed in a safe and clean environment.


  • Paid attraction

Accessible features

  • Changing Places bathroom
  • Accessible walkways
  • Accessible toilets
  • Mobility parking
  • Wheelchair access
  • Non slip flooring

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