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Start: 9:30 am, Wednesday 19 June 2024

End: 3:30 pm, Thursday 20 June 2024

Location: Northland Cricket Association, Northland

Website: Event information

This programme is free to participants thanks to funding from the Ministry of Education.

Tilting the Seesaw for Teams is a combination of strength-based, practical strategies to support the everyday inclusion of children with autism across the full primary school and home settings. The two-day workshop is embedded within a research inquiry. Teachers will complete simple preparatory work prior to attending the two-day workshop which will intensify the focus for their new learning.

After the workshop teachers will complete an action plan and meet with other participants 2-3 months later to identify the impact of their learning.

This whole process can form an excellent Professional Development opportunity for teachers willing to transform their practice to include the education of neurodiverse learners.

At Autism New Zealand we are aware that teachers have a heavy workload, so you will have a dedicated professional from Autism New Zealand to guide you through the process.

Team Requirements: Please have the details of your full team ready when registering.

Supporting one child 5-12 years (multiple children will require multiple teams)
Child attending Full Primary School
2-5 participants
At least one Teacher (primary contact)
At least one Family Member
Parent/caregiver of the child, and a teacher from the school MUST be part of the team. You will need their details to complete registration. Please ensure you provide personal contact details as Autism New Zealand will be in touch prior to the programme to provide resources.

Please provide separate email addresses for each individual Team Member. These email addresses will be used to give you access to the Tilting the Seesaw for Teams website and all the resources included. Without separate email addresses you will not be able to gain access to the Tilting the Seesaw for Teams website.


A better understanding of autism
Learning how to use the tamariki's strengths and interests to promote learning and communication
Learning how to implement consistent visual supports at home and at school
Learning how to implement stories for understanding at home and at school
Learning strategies for inclusion
Learning strategies for emotional regulation and reducing anxiety
Learning tools for challenging behaviour
Planning for success by creating an action plan and goals
Teacher Relief Costs

To apply for cover of relief teacher costs, schools should submit their invoice(s) for teacher release by emailing them to

A maximum of $150 (GST excl) per day can be reimbursed for a teacher to attend the course i.e. $345 (GST incl) for the two-day course.

The tax invoice must include the following details:

School name, address and bank account
Name of the teacher who attended the Tilting the Seesaw for Teams course, and the course date
Invoice number
Teacher release for this programme is managed by the Provider Services team, which is part of Learning Support at the Ministry of Education's national office in Wellington. Any enquiries regarding an invoice can be made to Provider Services by emailing


79 Okara Drive


04 280 6255