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Start: 6:15 pm, Tuesday 5 December 2023

End: 7:30 pm, Tuesday 5 December 2023

Location: Napier, Hawkes Bay

Website: Take a look at the event on Facebook

An event by Blueprint Chiropractic
"Kids are being exposed to different stimulation and environments than what we had grown up with and therefore the brains of our kids react and adapt differently than we did growing up.
You may have heard the terms ‘ADHD,’ ‘overstimulation,’ ‘anxiety’ or other words be used to describe the behaviour or feelings of our kids at school, play-dates, or outings with family.
Overstimulation, ADHD, anxiety are all different but quite similar at the same time.
What they all have in common is our kid’s brains have trouble taking in the surrounding environmental information and also getting it out from the brain to whatever task is at hand.
What this means is the brains filtering system is overwhelmed.
This very thing can lead to a kids confidence being affected socially/educationally, anxiety, not taking chances/risks, decreased concentration, decreased grades/marks in school, etc.
What I want to get across to you all is: your child is brilliant, there is NOTHING wrong with your child.
The Blueprint is a guide to help parents understand your child's behaviour from a natural, neurological and holistic view where medicine is not the ‘go-to.’
Having first hand experience with ADHD (being diagnosed when I was a child), overcoming challenges such as school, sport, earning 2 university level degrees, moving to New Zealand and opening my own business/clinic.
I would like to share the current knowledge, research, strategies and answer any questions you may have and help you understand your child’s magnificent brain better.
Spaces are limited so get in touch at and RSVP is a must.
Drinks and nibbles provided, along with an awesome place being held at Nurture: Sensory and Learning
Come along and learn!"


251 Emerson St
Napier South
Napier 4110