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Start: 10:00 am, Wednesday 10 April 2024

End: 9:00 pm, Wednesday 10 April 2024

Location: New Zealand, National

Website: Visit Autism NZ

Turn down the lights, turn down the noise and turn up for the Autistic Community of Aotearoa.

That’s what we’re inviting all schools, workplaces, shops, attractions and organizations to do on April 10, at 10AM, to celebrate Autism Acceptance
Month 2024.

The quiet hour is a nationwide movement for acceptance, understanding and accessibility. Many Autistic people experience sensory overwhelm on a daily basis, making everyday activities like going to school, shopping at the supermarket, working in an office or going to a movie feel impossible.

That’s why a quiet hour, with low lighting, lowered sound and background noise, and a lower level of sensory stimulation, can be so beneficial. We’re also encouraging participants to wear our Hoods Up hoodies, which many Autistic people wear to block out overstimulation.

This may seem like just a moment, but it’s the start of a movement. During this hour, we will show the Autistic community that as a society we are truly
ready to embrace the accommodations needed to create an accessible society.

During the quiet hour, every dollar donated will go towards our housing initiative -- designing and building housing that meets the needs of the Autistic Community of Aotearoa.

These homes will have in-built low sensory features, and also support residents in generating equity and moving towards greater independence.

We need media to get on board and promote this story as far and wide as possible, so that the whole country gets behind this
exciting activation!




During the Hoods Up, Volume Down quiet hour, every dollar donated to Autism NZ will go towards our work empowering the autistic and wider autism communities.