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Video title: What is your biggest accessibility gripe?

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What is your biggest accessibility gripe?

The carparks. They're never wide enough, they don't always have the bit down so you might be able to get out of your car, but you cant get up on the footpath and you have to drive down the road, um... I don't care where I park in the carpark but I need the width.

Going to the bathroom, because a lot of time people just use the disability toilets 'cause, more space… where I virtually can't fit myself and a dog into the normal proper bathrooms.

Footpaths in the street that are uneven and bushes growing out over it. That really annoys me when, I go out riding, really bugs me.

The people parking in wheelchair… um carparks, when they have no display so they have no right to be there, that makes it very difficult. Um... the other challenges are businesses that say they're wheelchair friendly but when you get there, it's not and so, um, sometimes I've taken people out and we haven't actually been able to get in to the place that we were going because you just can't get in.

Because I'm a tetraplegic I find it very difficult to open and close doors.

Accessibility on wheelchairs is really shocking. The roads aren't made for travel on wheelchairs and it's quite dangerous, but it's ok when you get use to  it but still, it's not the best.

Footpaths that slope from the shops down to the, down to the gutter and you're trying to go straight and you're rolling off to the side, and steps on buildings, you know, no wheelchair access. Even though it's short, very short distances I can walk, but I still have trouble with steps. So, that's my biggest gripe. Not being able to go to where I want to go.

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Last updated on Friday, 15 October 2021

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