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Video title: What do people assume about you?

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People assume that just because I have a physical disability means that I have a cognitive disability too, when really that’s not the case.

They assume I'm blind, ‘cause I have a dog and he has a handle that I hold. [Laugh] No, not when I can see you [laugh] and hear you.

Everyone assumes that Occupational Therapists help you get back to work so it’s quite, um yeah, quite a challenge having to step back and say no no, we’re not necessarily here to help you get back to work. OT's do do that, but, um, not always.

I find that ah they people seem to look at me and think I'm too young to have a disability to be using a disabled car park and um I often have looks and have even have seen some people go to approach me about parking in the disability carpark but realised that I've actually got the disability car parking ticket in my window.

They often assume I'm intellectually impaired just because my body goes into spasm, or sometimes I'm tired. I don't always understand the question.

I think the biggest thing I get is I'm fat and lazy, well I'm not really.

They assume, they assume that I can, that I can do everything myself, and I can't.

When we're out and about often um st-store keepers or cafe owners, they will address me rather than the person in the wheelchair and asking them what they would like to drink or, you kn- are they ask me what my friend would like so I say oh, you need to, here my friend can talk, wh-what about asking them so I know where we go shop a lot we've actually helped them a lot because they now feeling comfortable to talk to more people in their wheelchairs and realising they’re just the same as us.

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Last updated on Friday, 15 October 2021

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