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Video title: What are you most proud of?

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[Music playing]

What are you most proud of?

[Music volume fades to background level]

The progress I've made in getting better. I now have full use of my hand, so… but that comes from a lot of guts and you gotta really work hard.

The most thing that I'm proud of is my daughter now that she has a voice with this Tobii communicator. She has a hell of a crack up you know, she's just so funny and I never knew for years that my daughter was a jokester until she was able to communicate and that's the biggest thing I'm proud of is that my daughter is able to talk to people now and she's able to go on Facebook now and she has friends all around the world.

Well, my daughter was not meant to walk or talk and she puts on roller blades and does speed skating.

Going to Shanaia. And but she didn't meet me but that's all right. I went there.

My daughter. Yeah. She's grown too fast.

That fact that I'm very very comfortable with this injury that I've had and I'm dealing with it and I'm, ah, excited and I look upon it as a new adventure in life.

What am I most proud of? I wrote a book, yes, when I was younger, about maybe 35. [Interviewer: what was the book about?] Maori political unity. Coming together as, other than tribes.

What am I most proud of is the ability for me to use my voice. I've done many speeches at weddings and parties and the odd function, and, and so I consider my voice as the proudest thing I can use.

[Music volume rises]

[Music plays outro]

Last updated on Friday, 15 October 2021

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