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Commodes, Wheelchairs and Mobility Products manufacturer situated in Christchurch; Tuki Design co. supplies; fabricates; modifies commodes and mobility products; using the latest manufacturing technology; innovation and design expertise; enabling them to manufacture off the shelf and custom designed equipment to suit specific needs of clients

As an owner operated business; Tuki has a skilled team of fabricators; technicians and upholsterers; who repair all brands of mobility and assistive products. Servicing the wider Canterbury area; Tuki is an authorised ACC repairer; and strives to find solutions to mobility challenges and difficulties clients face daily.

Tuki offers a range of rental fixed frame and collapsible commodes. Contact Tuki to arrange a quote.

Tuki Design Co. manufacture custom titanium and aluminium sports chairs and are proud to be involved with local teams and athletes.

Contact details

Telephone: (03) 3236478




1 Chinook Place, Hornby , Christchurch, 8042