Independent Living - Browns Bay

Independent Living are your friendly community experts on all things related to disability–from generic information through to walking stick testing.

We offer brochures and information in a wide variety of languages and we sell a huge tried-and-tested range of daily living aids. We also have stores located in Royal Oak and Botany

Most importantly, we care about what people can do. We focus on abilities, we find solutions, and we work to understand the unique situation of everyone who comes to us. You’ll enjoy the caring advice and expertise of our team when you visit. Many of us have experienced disability ourselves, so what we do has deep personal meaning to us.

We’re all about helping you find your own path through life – staying by your side and on your side along the way.

Empowering you to live your best life, with ease.

Contact details

Physical address
13-15 Bute Road
Browns Bay

Tel: (09) 5503387



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