Living life connected - Sunday superhero - Leanne

Introducing Leanne, our DRC Superhero for this week!

Leanne and her Mum Vicky chopping mushrooms

This week it's Leanne's turn to step into the stage lights as our DRC Sunday Superhero, and she does so with that trademark smile that can itself illuminate a room!

Leanne came to Scopze directly from Flaxmere College, a school that has produced quite a share of DRC herodom!

Indeed, like all of our Te Kareti o Paharakeke alumni, Leanne involves herself enthusiastically in everything we undertake together, from baking, cooking, singing, and exploring our backyard, to bush walks, picnics, and picking delectable seasonal fruit with our Scopze whanau.

Actually, there's quite a culinary theme in Leanne's favourite activities, almost certainly a reflection of her own wonderful taste in making Scopze her preferred destination three days a week!

Leanne's mum, Vicky, has shared with us the irrefutable proof of Leanne's enjoyment of her time at Scopze/DRC - marked enthusiasm in getting up-and-going on the days that we're graced with her presence (and her smile!) Leanne - our ultimate good-taste hero!

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Sourced from the Disability Resource Centre (HB) Trust as part of Living Life Connected