Living life connected - Sunday Superhero - Chris

DRC Living Life Connected

Chris smiling

Introducing this weeks Hero!

Hi I am Chris, I am deaf but that doesn’t stop me one bit.

I started at DRC way back in 2008.

Over the years I have done incredible things like going to the Rugby, restoring a bike for my little sister, building a go cart and making tonnes of mates.

I have learnt to be more independent, I can cook my favorite meals (lasagna all the way) I go shopping and buy things myself (DVD’s and more DVD’s) my mum is not so keen on that ???? I am (with help from Kelle my support worker) helping more around my house by vacuuming and cleaning.

I am a shark at pool and a pro at Tenpin, I have many hobbies and love movies (Transformers are the best, hurry up 6th movie).

I have a Volunteer job!! I started at at For the Love of Animals in August last year and I am so proud of the work I do, I tried for a long time to find a volunteer job and it is such a huge achievement for me.

I am planning to go away on a Daytrip to Palmerston North so my new goal is to save my money, learning what I need to spend money on and what I do not.

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