Living life connected - Sunday Superhero - Carson

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Carson taking electronics apart

Introducing this weeks Hero!

Hi I am Carson and this is my Hero story.

I started at DRC in October 2017. When I started it was different to what I was used to, I liked being by myself, it was hard to join in with other people and I did not understand how to.

Everyone has been very nice and I have done some amazing things, I have learnt how to play pool and been in cooking classes (I love cooking), I have made friends and visited cool places like the aquarium and Faraday Museum (my favorite thing was the type writer).

My big achievement is my volunteer job at the Environment Centre, I started in September 2019 and I help take electronics apart to be separated and recycled, I am really good at taking apart modems and old home phones, I have learnt how to recycle old laptops and VCR’s. When I first started I needed a lot of help from my coordinator Ainslie but now I can do it on my own because I know my routine and my friends at the Environment center are always there to help me.

The next goal I am working on is to go to the DRC Halloween Disco this year.

My Mum is very Proud of me and she says:

"The changes I have noticed in Carson is his ability to talk on the phone now. He enjoys the connection and is happy to talk about his day and who he spent it with. Carson appears to be more interested in the people around him, demonstrating more empathy and compassion for people and how they maybe feeling.. He really has grown in so many ways."

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