Seated photography exhibition opens

A photography exhibition showing a view of life from people in wheelchairs has opened in Palmerston North. 

Called 'From Where I Sit', the exhibition aims to promote the "seated photographer and their view of the world." 

Chairperson and Manager of the event, Maureen Jensen, hopes the exhibition will raise awareness of the physical barriers people in wheelchairs face. 

Maureen Jensen sits in front of photographs at her exhibition.

At the exhibition, physical barriers such as walls and fences are placed in front of the photographs on display, symbolising the problem people with mobility issues have everyday. 

The From Where I Sit exhibition features submissions from 19 photographers from five countries. 

Ms Jensen hopes The Seated Photographers can do for the arts what the Paralympics have done for sport. 

People view photographs at the 'From Where I Sit' exhibition

From Where I Sit is at Square Edge in Palmerston North until January 2019, open daily 9am-5pm. 

Following its opening month in Palmerston North, Maureen Jensen wants to take the exhibition nationwide. 

To do this, she needs support, so she's asking for anyone insterested in sponsoring the event to contact her at