Flying with a disability

Last updated on 14 December 2021

Help for disabled people flying on New Zealand airlines

Air New Zealand and Jetstar Airways provide specific services for disabled passengers:   

  • Wheelchair users
  • Blind or vision-impaired people
  • Deaf or hearing-impaired people
  • People travelling with a service dog
  • People with reduced mobility due to age, illness or accident.

Services can vary, depending on the airline, airport and plane. It’s best to contact the airline, or your travel agent, for details.

Booking your flight: Tips

  • Tell the airline―or your travel agent―about your disability or what help you need.
  • Ask about ‘special assistance services’.
  • If booking online: Choose a ‘special requirements’ option, if provided.

Air New Zealand services

Find out what help you can get when you fly with Air New Zealand.

Air NZ Special Assistance | Flights & Airport Assisted Travel Services (external website)

Jetstar Airways services

Find out what help you can get when you fly with Jetstar.

Specific assistance | Jetstar (external website)

Other domestic airlines

If you wish to travel on another airline, it’s best to contact the airline about its special assistance for disabled passengers.

First time flying as a wheelchair user?

  • Check if it’s possible for you to fly (it depends on the aircraft and available equipment).
  • Plan ahead. Contact the airline you plan to fly with.
  • Allow plenty of time either side of your flight times.