Mobility taxis and driving services

Mobility taxis transport people who use manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs or mobility scooters. Companion driving services provide a car and a driver who can help you when you are out and about.

You can use Total Mobility vouchers with mobility taxis or companion driving services if they belong to the Total Mobility scheme.

Taxis for people who use wheelchairs or mobility scooters

Tips for booking a mobility taxi

You usually have to book mobility taxis in advance. We suggest you check these things with the taxi company:

  • If they accept Total Mobility vouchers (or other discount taxi vouchers), if you have them.
  • If they have a wheelchair hoist van or wheelchair ramp available, if needed.
  • If their mobility taxi will fit your model or size of wheelchair or mobility scooter.

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Discounted taxi fares for disabled people

Companion driving services for personal help

Companion driving services are a type of personal driving service you can hire.

The fee you pay depends on the amount of time the driver spends:

  • In the car (driving time)
  • Being with you during the outing (companion time)
  • Waiting for you, if needed (wait time). 

For example: You have a specialist appointment at the hospital. A companion driving service driver can:

  • Pick you up from home
  • Drive you to the hospital
  • Help you get to the outpatients’ clinic
  • Wait for you or collect you later
  • Take you back home – via the chemist, if you need a prescription filled.

Or you might just like to go out for a drive and an ice cream!

Tips for booking a companion driving service

  • Get a quote for the journey and ask about payment options.
  • Ask if they take Total Mobility vouchers, if you have them.
  • Check if they can take your walker or wheelchair, if you use one.
  • If the driving service doesn’t state it, check that your driver has a current passenger (P) endorsement on their driver licence.

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