Mobility parking spaces and permits

Having access to transport is an important part of life. It helps us get about, stay connected with other people and allows us to live a more independent life.

If you have a mobility impairment you may be able to apply for a mobility parking permit for your car. This lets you park in mobility parking spaces which are usually closer to place you want to visit.

  • Mobility parking spaces are wider so you can put a wheelchair or walker alongside the car.
  • Local councils provide mobility parking spaces.
  • A doctor must confirm you need a mobility parking permit.

How do I apply for a mobility parking permit?

Mobility parking permits are managed and issued by CCS Disability Action and Sommerville Disability Support Services.

Visit their websites below to find out about:

  • who can apply for a mobility parking permit (eligibility criteria)
  • short term and long term permits
  • how much a permit costs
  • how to apply for a permit (a doctor needs to complete the application form)
  • when, where and how you can use your permit.

Go to Mobility Parking Permits (external website)

Go to Disability Parking Identification Permits (external website)

Free parking for disabled or older people

Contact your local council to find out if there are any other parking concessions in your area for disabled or older people.

For example:

Holders of mobility parking permits may be allowed to park in a standard car park for longer than the time stated.

Find your local council (external website)

Senior citizens or veterans with a SuperGold Card may be eligible for free parking or lower charges.

Go to Discounts and Concessions for Seniors and Veterans (external website)