Financial help with travel costs related to health and disability

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ACC, the Ministry of Health, Work and Income, and Veteran’s Affairs can help some people with travel and accommodation costs to attend medical, specialist or rehabilitation treatments.

Each government agency has guidelines about who can apply for financial help.

If you have injury-related transport needs

ACC helps people with transport needs that are a direct result of an injury.  For example:

  • Transport to treatment or rehabilitation.
  • Travel and accommodation for whanau/family to visit you during rehabilitation.

Talk to your support or service coordinator about your transport options and how to get the help you need.

Go to ACC Transport information (external website)

Ministry of Health can help with travel to specialist medical services

The National Travel Assistance Scheme helps people financially who:

  • Are referred by their specialist to see another specialist, and
  • need to travel long distances or travel frequently.

If you meet the Ministry of Health guidelines for travel assistance, you may be able to claim for travel, accommodation and support person costs.

Talk to your specialist, hospital travel coordinator or nominated social worker. They will need to help you register for travel assistance.

Go to Ministry of Health Travel Assistance (external website)

Work and Income can help with health and disability related travel

Work and Income may be able to help with health-related travel and accommodation costs.

  • Financial help may depend on how much you or your partner earn.
  • You don’t have to be on a benefit to qualify for some allowances.

For help with travel costs for a one-off appointment, e.g. day surgery or consultations

Go to Travel and Accommodation Costs (external website)

For help with travel costs to visit an artificial limb centre

Go to Civilian Amputee Assistance (external website)

For help with regular, ongoing travel costs because of a disability

Go to Disability Allowance (external website)

Veterans’ Affairs can help NZDF members with travel for service-related illness or injury

Veterans’ Affairs New Zealand travel assistance includes:

  • Funding for medical travel (assessment, treatment and rehabilitation).
  • Travel allowance for increased day-to-day travel costs.
  • Travel concessions for funding for personal travel.
  • Transport services or grants, to help restore independence after injury or illness.

Go to Veterans' Affairs Travel Assistance (external website)