Financial abuse and scams

How to protect yourself or someone else

  • Do you know what financial abuse is? Or what it looks like?
  • What can you do if you think it’s happening to you, or someone else?

What the government says

The New Zealand Government has information and advice about how to:

  • recognise financial abuse and scams
  • report them to the right place
  • protect yourself from financial abuse and scams.

Visit NZ Government website to learn more about financial abuse and scams (external website)

What the New Zealand Bankers Association says

The New Zealand Bankers Association suggests things you can do to:

  • protect your personal and financial information
  • protect your bank accounts or investments
  • manage your banking so you don’t have to give someone else access to your account.

Visit New Zealand Bankers' Association website for advice about financial abuse protection (external website)