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Banking services for disabled people

Contact your bank if you need help to manage your banking needs. The bank can suggest ways to make it easier for you to do your banking.

How accessible is your bank?

Since 2009 New Zealand banks have had guidelines to help them improve access to banking services for older people and disabled people. You can read the guidelines on the New Zealand Bankers Association website.

Voluntary guidelines to assist banks to meet the needs of older people and disabled people (external website)

Find out what ANZ, BNZ and Westpac NZ are doing to meet the needs of their disabled customers.


ANZ accessibility and inclusion plan (external website)


Making banking accessible to everyone (external website)

Westpac NZ

Accessibility for all (external website)

Dementia-friendly banking

Westpac staff are trained to help people with dementia with their banking needs. For example, the bank can help set up notifications (an alert that extra help may be needed), direct debits, withdrawal limits and alternative contacts.

Visit Westpac’s website for information about:

  • managing your finances after a diagnosis
  • how to spot signs of financial abuse.

Learn about dementia friendly banking at Westpac (external website)

Banknote gauges for people with low vision

If you have low vision you can get a note guage to help you identify New Zealand banknotes.

Order a free note gauge from the Blind Foundation (external website)

Watch a video on the Reserve Bank website about banknote gauges (external website)

Banking guidelines for all New Zealanders

The New Zealand Bankers Association has a guide to help customers get the most out of their banking. The guide covers these topics:

  • Different ways you can do your banking.
  • How to choose the right products and services to suit your needs.
  • How to set up and cancel recurring payments, avoid bank fees and keep yourself safe from fraud.
  • How to make a complaint, or switch banks, if you’re not satisfied with your bank.

Visit New Zealand Bankers' Association website to read the Smarter Banking guide (external website)