FAQ: Disability support services during Alert Level 2

During COVID-19 Alert Level 2, there may be changes to the way you access your support services. This page contains information about potential changes to support services, and where you can go for more information. 

What are the Alert Level 2 rules? 

The main rules under Alert Level 2 are: 

  • Keep your distance from other people in public
  • Wear a face mask in public venues and on public transport (unless you have an exemption)
  • Wash your hands
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow
  • Keep a track of where you've been and who you've seen

Find out more about the rules under COVID-19 Alert Level 2 (external website)

People who have Individualised Funding (IF) and employ their own support workers 

This also applies to people who have Enabling Good Lives or Mana Whaikaha personal budgets.

Is there any change to funding under Alert Level 2? 

No. There are no changes to your funding during Alert Level 2. 

What can I use my funding to buy during Alert Level 2? 

You can use your funding the same as you would before COVID-19. 

Can my support workers still work with me during Alert Level 2? 

Yes, but if your support worker also supports other people, they need to take care to ensure the safety of themselves and everyone they work with. 

This means they should keep 1-metre away from you, wash and dry their hands regularly and thoroughly, and wearing PPE if they can’t keep more than 1-metre away from you. 

NASC services 

Do NASC services continue during Alert Level 2? 

Yes. In-person assessments can continue under Alert Level 2, but they should take extra care by following good hygiene and physical distancing practices. 

Community residential services 

Do community residential services still operate under Alert Level 2? 

Yes. Community residential services are considered essential and will continue to operate under Alert Level 2, but with some additional safeguards in place. 

This includes ensuring visitors follow good hygiene and physical distancing practices, and comply with contact tracing guidelines. 

Can residents of community residential services move homes during Alert Level 2? 

YesThere are no restrictions on people moving homes during Alert Level 2. 

Are visits to community residential services allowed during Alert Level 2? 



Do facility-based respite services operate during Alert Level 2? 

Yes, but in a limited way. This means:

  • Not having groups larger than 50 people gathering together 
  • Wearing a face mask (unless you have an exemption)
  • Thorough and frequent cleaning of the facilities 
  • Keeping a register for contact tracing purposes 
  • Maintaining physical distancing of 1-metre between residents and staff, as far as practically possible 

Day services 

Are day services open during Alert Level 2? 

Yes, but in a limited way. This means: 

  • Not having groups larger than 50 people gathering together 
  • Wearing a face mask (unless you have an exemption)
  • Maintaining physical distancing of 1-metre between groups 
  • Good hygiene and infection prevention control measures, and 
  • Keeping a record of people working at, or attending, the service for contact tracing purposes if required. 

Supported Living providers, Home and Community Support Services and Choice in Community Living providers 

Does in-home support continue during Alert Level 2? 

Yes. All community services that provide essential personal care (e.g. help with toileting, showering, etc) to people can continue to operate under Alert Level 2.

Infection prevention control measures must be adhered to for personal care services that require close physical contact, including use of PPE in accordance with PPE guidelines.

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