Employment grants and benefits

On this page you can find information about Work and Income (WINZ) benefits for disabled people who are working or looking for a job. 

Get financial support while you’re training 

You can get financial assistance through Workbridge if you’re undergoing assessment, work experience, training or education as part of your plan to get a job. 

You can use it for NZQA-approved courses, or other education institutions approved by the Ministry of Social Development. 

Benefits you can get while you’re working 

Income exemption 

Earning an income can affect how much money you get in your benefit. WINZ could grant an exception for you if have a severe impairment. 

Supported living payment 

You might be able to get the weekly Supported Living Payment from WINZ if you are: 

  • Limited in your ability to work because of a health condition, injury or disability. 
  • Totally blind 
  • Caring full-time for someone who isn’t your spouse or partner, and who would need hospital or residential care if you weren’t caring for them. 

Sustainable employment trial 

If you’re getting the Supported Living Payment, you might be able to try going back to work part-time without losing your benefit. 

This is called a Sustainable Employment Trial. It allows you to work 15 or more hours a week for half a year to see if you’re able to return to work. 

Employment transition grant 

The Employment Transition Grant is a weekly payment to help some people who have completed a sustainable employment trial, but still need some extra assistance. 

Work Bonus 

Work Bonus is an incentive payment available if you choose to work even though you don't have work obligations as a condition of your benefit.  You may be able to get Work Bonus if you were getting a Supported Living Payment because of poor health, an injury or disability. 

Disability allowance 

If you (or a child you are caring for) has a disability, you may be able to get the Disability Allowance. This helps with the extra costs people have because of a disability, e.g. regular visits to the doctor, medicines, extra heating, special food or travel.