Funding for home help

Last updated on 20 June 2022

If you are finding it hard to manage at home, you might be able to get help.

Depending on the nature of your disability or impairment, ACC, the Ministry of Health and Veterans’ Affairs may be able to pay for home and community support services for some disabled people, veterans and older people.

You might need help so you can:

  • Be safe and independent at home
  • Return home after being in hospital, a rehabilitation unit, or a hospice.

If you are caring for a person you may be able to get carer support.

What support services could I access?

There are a variety of different services available. You might need any or all of these:

Personal care: Help to get out of bed, use the shower and toilet, get dressed, manage your medication or health care, or do rehabilitation exercises.

Equipment: To help you get around, do daily tasks, or stay safe.

Household support: Cleaning, laundry, shopping, meal preparation.

Special therapies: Physiotherapy, social worker support.

Carer support: Help for someone who lives with you or looks after you.

Respite care: To give your usual carer a break.

If your disability is due to an injury

Talk to your contact person at ACC. You may be able to get help with personal care, household tasks, rehabilitation treatments and getting out and about.

Visit ACC’s website for more information.

Help at home after an injury (external website)

If you are a veteran

If you have served in the New Zealand armed forces, you may be able to get home help, short term attendant care and child care through Veterans’ Affairs.

You could be eligible under either the:

Veteran's Independence Programme - for veterans who need help to stay independent at home

Veteran’s Independence Programme (external website)

Social Rehabilitation Programme - for New Zealand veterans with an illness or a disability

Social Rehabilitation Programme (external website)

To apply for Veterans’ Affairs funding, talk to your case manager.

Or contact Veterans' Affairs New Zealand (external website)

If you have a long term illness or disability

If you are not eligible for help from ACC or Veteran’s Affairs, you may be able to get help through the Ministry of Health or your District Health Board.

How can I get an assessment?

Contact a Needs Assessment Service Coordination (NASC) service. The NASC can help you to work out what help you need, and see if you can get help from the government.

Learn more about NASCs and how to find one.

Go to Needs assessments for government funded support

Under 65, with a physical, intellectual or sensory disability

The NASC (Disability – Children Adults Under 65) can assess you for home and community support services.

Go to Home and Community Support Services (external website)

65 years and over

The NASC (Older Persons) can assess you for home support services.

Go to Support services for older people (external website)

Full-time, unpaid carer

The NASC (Disability or Older Persons) can assess you for carer support services.

Go to Carer Support (external website)

If you wish to pay for home support services yourself

Find a home and community health care provider

Visit the Home and Community Health Association website. You can find a list of members who provide home health services through New Zealand.

Services include personal care, household management, nursing treatment, and complex care for people with serious needs.

Go to Home and Community Health Association (external website)

Talking to support workers about how you want to receive support

The Health and Disability Comissioner has put together a useful resource to guide you through setting rules and boundraies with your support workers.

Go to Personal Space: Support workers in your home (external website)

Search Firstport

Your local disability centre can advise you on who to speak to about home and community support services.

Find your local disability centre